Re: 128 Bit Vectors

From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 01/21/98

On Wed, 21 Jan 1998, Chuck Carson wrote:

> Has anyone gotten these (128 bits) to work with pl 12? I have manually
> applied the code, triple-checked each line, my partner has double-checked
> each line, and we are still having difficulties.
> Problem 1 is that when a mob hits a death trap we get a seg fault, the
> problem line is in the aggresive section of mobile activity (line 95 in my
> code). GDB was pretty much useless for this crash, the previous five
> function calls were top level game routines.

I already stated that the solution to this problem was to "shift" all of
the bits in MOB_XXX up one number. When the way the things are coded you
should NOT use any flags that have been defined as 0.


and shift all other UP one number.

> Problem 3: The patch says to add an '\0' before the BLIND in constants.c,
> all this does is throw the spell affections off by one. ie: the spell
> infravision shows up in stat <player> as CURSE.

You have to change the spell affects and all other (former) vectors as
you did with the MOB_XXX flags.

> It is imperitive I get these to work, otherwise I cannot use Circle code.
> Circle code looks to be the best for what I am going to do, (ie the combat
> system is tweakable to my needs)

Took me 40 hours to get it going on bpl 11 and that's what it was
designed for. I do hope that you're not expecting a short amount of time
to be spent on such a huge undertaking.

> Any help is greatly appreciated, and I would be willing to fix the patch
> and
> make it usable by bpl 12. I have tried this patch on three beta levels now
> and have never gotten it to work. If I am forced to give up on this patch,
> what are the disadvantages to using the AFF2 method?

Umm.. Trying to remember if AFF_GHOST was a aff1 or aff2 is the worst
side affect that I see. :)

One suggestion that I saw (and am tempted to use myself) was make all of
the MOB_AGGR_[race, align, class] flags one set and the rest of the flags
into another. That should free up tons of room for other flags.

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