[newbie]problems porting to Linux

From: Bowes, Chris (cjb@ADDLESHAW-BOOTH.CO.UK)
Date: 01/22/98

recently bought the book : "Linux Configuration & Installation" 3rd  =20=

edition from MIS Slackware series...its got 2 CD`s with it .. so i  =20
managed to install Linux successfully on a partition
on my hard drive at home, and installed the program development stuff  =20=

that comes with the
book/CD`s ...
everythings ok up until that ...
at work, were using a sun machine , all pretty standard, so then i did  =
the following things :
1.tar my circle30bpl12 directory up to circle30bpl12.tar
2.gzip that to circle30bpl12.tar.gz
3.rename that to shorter standard filename which win95/dos will like  =20=

4.copied that file from the sun machine to my hard drive at work..
5.pkzip this file with no compression to span 3 disks so i can take it  =
6.copy it to me hard drive at home, unzip it...
7.Made the dos partition visible to the linux partition.
8.grab the file after booting with linux...
9.rename it back to circle30bpl12.tar.gz
10.gunzip it
11.untar it into a directory : /circle

ok , so i removed the conf.h file from src, removed the binaries from  =20=

and ran configure from the /circle/circle30bpl12 directory ...
so then i go into src and type make all ...

this where the problem occurs : i get this :

/export/home/cjb/circle30bpl12/src/sedit.c : 1159 : undefined reference =
to '_sprintf'

(*and a shit load of zillions of messages similar to that one which zoom=
down the screen*)

make[1] : *** [../bin/circle] Error 1
make[1] : Leaving directory 'circle/circle30bpl12/src'
make : *** [all] Error 2

couple of things which confuse me about this :
the directory /export/home/cjb..... is from the sun machine at work , so=
why does it know about this on the linux partition at home? is it to do =
with the way i have used the TAR utility?
if so could anyone suggest how to resolve this?
and looking in sedit.c there aint no _sprintf calls in that anyways ... =
i`m really bewildered, and would appreciate some hints...
thanks in advance
"gimme de beer"
p.s sorry if all that is dumb but i`m not a wiz with unix stuff yet :--(=

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