Re: sect type ramble

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 01/22/98

Arctic has this sort of thing, and does make the mud seem HUGE!
Horses are must on that mud!  Just be sure you provide some sort
of stable system - put the horse in the stable and get a note
that is redeemable (at that stable only) for a horse.  That way
they can rent with the note (or quit the game, whichever) instead
of having to buy a new horse every time they log on.
Check out Arctic for a good example of this.

If I were you, I'd write up a little program or perl script to
generate some sort of default value for each room (based on the
area sector type, which I presume will equal what the current sector
type is), than do some sort of OLC thing to change specific rooms
where the program couldn't do it just right.

That should take care of 95% of the mud.  The rest of it you will
have to discover yourself or through serious playtesters who will
actually report that sort of thing.

>     that obcircle thing:
>     I am trying to think of a painless way to implement travel sector
>     types and area sector types with out having to edit EVERY zone.  I
>     don't think i will get away with this one.
>     Travel sector types : High move costs that you need to have fly or a
>     mount to get past without having to rest halfway down the road.
>     10-20 mv per room
>     Area sector types : Low move costs so that you can walk around the
>     adventuring area.
>     This type of thing not only gets all the players buy and selling
>     horses, but it also adds to the percieved size of the mud. think about
>     where The shire is traditionally. just a little west and North of
>     midgaard.  maybe 30 mv to get there...  now what if it cost 240 mv to
>     get there?  would seem like a much further trip, wouldn't it... esp if
>     the first time you did it you forgot your horse and had to rest in the
>     middle.

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