Re: Exp & Thac0 tables after adding levels

From: Blue Lang (blue@CALICO.GATOR.NET)
Date: 01/22/98

> >>Just curious, those out there with 100+ levels, what did you do to your
> >>Thac0 tables. Did you simply reflect 20 accross your max levels or
> >>do some tweaking?

heh, well i'm in the complete opposite boat, as my mud has no levels. (it
also has no rooms, no mobs, no objects, and no players :) ) i'm working on
an all skill-based combat system, so thaco, etc. will be calculated by
your particular weapon and proficiency.. makes more sense to me than a
single base for all weapon types..

Along those same lines, is anyone else as frustrated with the general
level of 'throwbackiness' inherit in muds? Why are there player 'levels'?
Why are rooms separated by 'zone', and not loaded statically into a grid
array? Why in god's name do we still have 90% of all muds using those same
tired six stats for characters?

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