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From: Davidson, Christopher M (Christopher.Davidson@PSS.BOEING.COM)
Date: 01/22/98

Here's what the code looks like, that I'm getting an error on.

int invalid_race(struct char_data *ch, struct obj_data *obj) {

if ((IS_OBJ_STAT(obj, ITEM_ANTI_HUMAN) && IS_HUMAN(ch)) ||
 (IS_OBJ_STAT(obj, ITEM_ANTI_ELF) && IS_ELF(ch)) ||
  return 1;
  return 0;

The error I keep getting is this.

class.c: In function 'invalid_race':
class.c:1110: called object is not a function
class.c:1111: called object is not a function
class.c:1112: called object is not a function

Please excuse the formatting.  Hopefully the idea get's across.

Anyway, the problem is, I have been reading some C manuals, and I read
that a variable name can be no longer than 32 characters long, but if
the first 6 characters are the same, it treats it like the same
variable.  Is this what the problem is in this case?  Am I waaaaaaaay

Chris Davidson
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