Re: [CODE] An Intangible mob/obj snippet

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 01/25/98

>         I'd have to say, if you want an easy solution, for objects at
> least, just have the mud check for items that are no_take, and have no
> name (leave their name and aliases blank).  If so, discount it in the
> 'look room' so you don't get the blank line, and discount it in the 'get
> all' so you don't have to have the "You can't pick that up!!" line.
> Realistically, it makes sense that something with NO_TAKE and no name
> wasn't meant to do much.  Just curious, why would you have something like
> this?  The only things I can think of, you could duplicate with room
> spec_procs just as easily.  You wouldn't want the characters to carry
> these things around i'm assuming...

leaving the name of objects crashes the mud when reading from the object
file..i guess you could modify the code to avoid that, but i think that
making a flag, and changing the CAN_SEE macros is not only easier, but it
lets you name the thing something meaningful to immorts (who should be
able to see it), "the waterfall that knocks people unconscious"


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