Re: Item Attachments

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 01/26/98

> Check in the archives from about 7 months ago or so. There was someone
> wanting to do an AD&D artifact called The Rod of Seven Parts. Where each
> part must be put together in the right order, and with each part, the
> item got more powerful. I don't recall if they succeeded or even posted
> their results. It's been too long since then, and I've slept too much. :)
> Check the archives and I'm sure you'll find some info there that might help.
    >quick note - back logged 1200 messages, Didn't check email for 2
weeks, while moving to Austin, so sorry this one is late<

        I actually did it all with spec-procs.  I actually had seven
parts, and each had some info as to what parts it was made up of (1 to 7),
and each was generic so that a description could be created when someone
looked at it.  It also had wand functions, again, handled by the spec
proc, based on a x charges per x seconds (1 fireball every 30 seconds,

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