Re: [NEWBIE] Adequate book for learning C? [Off top

From: Mauve (Mauve@DIAL.PIPEX.COM)
Date: 01/27/98

>I found a book at a yard sale called "The Waite Group's C Programming Using
>Turbo C++" and was wondering if it was a good enough book to learn C with

I HAVE THIS BOOK! I bought it new a couple of weeks ago! In my opinion, it
has to be the best book about C there is.
Especially since it talks about ANSI C as well as K & R. But it is mostly
PC/DOS specific, so if you're coding MUD for a UNIX server, like I am, you
have to bear in mind that most of it doesn't work. A better book for learing
standard C without any kind of platform in mind would be something like Wrox
Press' Beginners guide to C. I avoid Kernigan and Ritchie C because it's
much more idiosyncratic.


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