Console I/O

From: Mauve (Mauve@DIAL.PIPEX.COM)
Date: 01/27/98

We run a MUD at school which has recently become very popular with lower
school pupils. As the best C coder in the school (?) I have volunteered my
services to help change it around and expand it, etc. One of the problems,
though, is that the console scrolls whenever a new message comes up, as you
know. This is irritating at the very least, especially if you mistype a
command or something and you can't backspace it out. Now, not having much
knowledge of network-based coding, I wondered if you know if it's possible
at all. Whether I can do it is a different matter entirely. The alternative
approach might be a client-side program which could be coded by a lot of
people who are better at RISC coding than me (I'm PC specific really, and I
don't like bloody Acorns.) I dunno. Help me out!


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