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From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 01/29/98

At 10:22 AM 1/29/98 -0700, you wrote:
>The problem with the way it is now is that there is only one A-desc. From
>the way that I've been doing things you need three. One for TO_CHAR, one
>for TO_VICT and one for TO_NOTVICT. Of course, the TO_VICT would be
>skipped if ch == vict. That way you can have proper A-descs for wands,
>scrolls and other items that can be targeted on others.

why use two more strings? why not just parse the A-Desc like
the messages file or the socials file is done?
first line/second line/third line
TO_VICT      and just use a # if it's not used.
TO_ROOM    // for extra stuff or something. trust me you'll find a use.

but basically the idea is there, just parse ala socials.
matter of fact, to not require specifics, ie not have the
first always be TO_CHAR you could parse ala socials with tags like pfiles do.
and considering the fact that action descr's are read in by fread_string,
the tags will never be parsed if you have tagged obj files like me :-P
TO_ROOM: $n sprinkle's some dust on $mself and disappears!
TO_CHAR: You sprinkle some dust on yourself and disappear!

it'd be easily done.
i don't know about how long it would take, and what the performance thing
would be like, but it would be much easier than adding 2-3 extra char *'s to
the file, considering that the action desc is already being saved (i think so)
if you have OLC.

anyway, that's my $((1 << 1)/100) worth
anyone think any different? and would this be another "performance issue" ?

anyway, i'll prolly do it besides the fact but i think it would be

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