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From: The Fractal Dimension Administration (fracdime@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/02/98

> Of course, you CAN conveniently forget stability when it hurts your
> argument.  But word is that Oasis has improved leaps-and-bounds in that
> arena since I last looked at it (a long time ago).

Huh?  He's saying Oasis _is_ stable.

> There's damn near nothing
> you can achieve by reinventing the wheel: it is, for all intents and
> purposes, a circle.  OTOH, with code, especially something as complex as a
> scripting language or OLC, there are at least an order of magnitude more
> design decisions to be made.

Rewrite it (the analogy) a bit and it's still a good analogy where
OLC is concerned.  (Re-designing MMX, for example.) I'm not going to
write my own OLC system when I know I'd have to spend at least a year
to make it halfway as good as Oasis.  (PLUG)

[ (GC) Arioch has forced george to "say thank you" ]

> You completely ignore the basic mechanics of the game.  Who in the fvck
> cares if you have a dozen classes and 200 spells (probably mostly
> simplistic offensive spells) if your game, in the end, plays almost
> exactly like every other one out there?!  That's *NOT* originality.
> That's abiding by the doctorine that more is better, which has been
> consistently disproved.

Exactly.  Although there's nothing against more, but you want to make
sure that the "more" is worth it.  If you have 20 "magic missile"
clones it's not worth it.  I do care if I have a dozen classes or
not. :)  In fact I have ten but let's not quibble.

BTW:  He's talking about originality, not quantity.

Note to self:  Change "magic missile" spellname and messages to
something else... maybe "acid bolt".  Never did like it.

> > 1. To give you either the code your looking for.
> > 2. To give you an idea of what to do for what you really want.

I loved your Ranged Weapons, ... (see comment below).

> I don't think anyone is claiming that snippets have no place.  They can be
> quite useful.  The problem is that a good deal of people (ab)using them
> can't code worth a damn.  So when there's a problem with the MUD (and
> there will be), they are stuck and lost.  I have plenty of first-hand
> experience, here.

Hoo boy... Put-50-or-so-snippets-into-stock-code-and-call-it-a-MUD-
syndrome.  The recovery process was long and painful. :)

> Then you wait until you can code them or can, at the very least,
> understand what in the Hell the snippets are doing.  This is the worst
> reason for someone to use a snippet!  It's like saying, "Well, I can't
> speak Spanish, but I do have this one phrase written down.  Now I'll go
> to Mexico."

Guess he'll just have to hitchhike. :)

> > MOST SNIPPETS are some sort of admin code for immortal + for
> > informational purposes or building zones.
> Really?  Most?  Proof?  Or did you even bother to look?  I don't think so.
> It certainly doesn't look that way to me.
> -dak

Counter-prove his statement, dak, since you've been so kind to
provide your own claim.

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