[Potentially Off Topic] Misc Chatter...

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 02/01/00

        I know this sounds sort of odd, but I was curious if anyone was
interested in some sort of ..well.. the best word I can think of is
meeting, but maybe convention would do as well.. of circlemud admins +

        I realize that this is a recreational hobby for alot of people,
and the idea of actually doing anything requiring coordination, planning
and forethought is the antithesis of their existance, but I think it would
potentially be enjoyable to get together with people and talk face to face
about ideas and sugestions they have.

        Sure, we have a zillion email/other forums, but frankly nothing is
quite as productive as a sitdown roundtable discussion about, well,
anything.  I mean, it's not like you can pal around, drink beer (er. soda
for you young-un's), and eat pizza while outlining a hub-based mud for
better connection maintainence via online media. Or to figure out how to
best deal with balance issues that pop up everywhere, or simply how to
make the game more fun and draw more players

        I tried gathering people I knew for something like this at GenCon
in Milwakee, but it ended up being dinner and a movie, since all of us
were trying very hard to not act like a bunch of geeks, we abstained from
talking about RPGs as if they were important and just made fun of people
playing Magic:The Capitalistic.

        Oh hey, that reminds me, if anyone's in the winston-salem,NC area
and actually enjoys coding on circle - and can - drop me a line. North
Carolina is deadly boring, even if I am now living with my girlfriend.


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