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From: George Greer (
Date: 02/01/00

On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>        I know this sounds sort of odd, but I was curious if anyone was
>interested in some sort of ..well.. the best word I can think of is
>meeting, but maybe convention would do as well.. of circlemud admins +

We've done online ones before.  I suspect most people don't have enough
money to drive very far for very long.

>        I tried gathering people I knew for something like this at GenCon
>in Milwakee, but it ended up being dinner and a movie, since all of us
>were trying very hard to not act like a bunch of geeks, we abstained from
>talking about RPGs as if they were important and just made fun of people
>playing Magic:The Capitalistic.

Just submit and accept it.

>        Oh hey, that reminds me, if anyone's in the winston-salem,NC area
>and actually enjoys coding on circle - and can - drop me a line. North
>Carolina is deadly boring, even if I am now living with my girlfriend.

Current developer locations:

Cincinnati, OH (oh ye of 7 1/2 inches of snow in a week)
Canada (somewhere in the snowy reaches near Queens)
Santa Claus, California (where it's undoubtedly 75 degrees)

There isn't much common ground there.

George Greer

[ Ok, so I didn't remember what was after 'Santa' but it's not important. ]

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