Re: NEWBIE Time zone code

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 02/01/00

> $grep *.h -ne _PER_MUD_
> utils.h:115:#define SECS_PER_MUD_HOUR   75
> utils.h:116:#define SECS_PER_MUD_DAY
> utils.h:117:#define SECS_PER_MUD_MONTH
> utils.h:118:#define SECS_PER_MUD_YEAR

I believe there are other refrences to these you will have to change.  I
know there are somethings in the weather functions and the time commands
(go figure).
I did this in my MUD and it was actually relativley simple (after crashing
the MUD a few times because I didn't make all the nessacry changes..)


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