Re: Ethics.

From: J P (
Date: 02/01/00

>         Having worked for Intel, Motorola, and IBM, I can tell you right
> out, everything you do is logged.  It's their network, and they have a
> right to know everything that goes on.  Why should games be different?

They shouldent be different. Games are a good wa for people to get amlicious
information about a server.

>         It does come as a shock to a lot of people out there that by using
> someones system - like a mud - they give up their right to privacy on it,
> but it's too bad.

No they dont give up ALL their right to privacy, just what the
administrators find out via logs, chat ect on the above game, server ect.
Its the information that is disclosed that people give up.

And no it isnt too bad. 99% of the time it is soely used for security
Unfortunatly the other 1% scares me because these people have a little too
much time on their hands.

Oh yeah, it wouldnt hurt to get people to take a course in law, just as a
night course or something. They would be astonished to realize that
everywhere we turn we give up a little of our right to privacy.
For example, right now as I send this file, I give up my right to privacy
about certain ethics ect, but also my location, my machine name (via the MSN
mailing system), IP Address, mailing headers ect... With this information we
can find out exacly who I am and where I live, but since Im not doing
anything wrong, this information is practically useless to you because I
just happen to be on a dial-up connection with a dynamic IP scheme.


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