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>         The majority of you are wrong. ;)
Nobody is wrong, it's all a matter of point of views.

>         Having worked for Intel, Motorola, and IBM, I can tell you right
>out, everything you do is logged.  It's their network, and they have a
>right to know everything that goes on.  Why should games be different?
I worked for a big compagny like that... there's some differences:
  1- You know everythings is logged.
     Most players don't know, especially those newbie players.
     (so, why not let them know? they could choose to stay or leave it...)
  2- There's a big security issue beside that... (in eg: i was working for a
central bank). Lot of money is in the game, so it worth more than my
"password" or whatever privacy... I had to sign a lot of papers... I could
had refused, and search for an other job... But, i agreed. Does any players
can refuse and search for an other MUD ? If they don't know about it (beeing
logged) they can't choose...

in eg: I know lot of ppl will says: whatever, mud is only a game...
i'm a chess player. I play chess on the net. (i'm talking about chess's
server, not yahoo's server or any general game server)

MUD server and Chess server are similar:
1- both are only a game...
2- both are having a mailling system
3- both are having different channel:
   MUD   (quest, gossip, tell, say, etc)
   Chess (shout, tell, say, etc..)
All the chess servers are having a policy about privacy, and swear they
don't log or hear private channel or password... and, even they can't
(of course, they could lie... that is not the point)
My point is: It's all a matter of point of view... Maybe, the privacy is
more important in the chess's community than mud's one...
Nobody is wrong...

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