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From: Zeavon Calatin (
Date: 02/01/00

>    Just wondering who thinks having  different classes talk different
> languages.. so that other races see like "godush" or
> sumthing... and you
> can learn the language as a skill...? not really sure if
> people would like
> this sort of thing...

We have implemented this on the racial level. There is a common tongue as
well that allows everyone to understand each other. Speaking a language
other than the common one is an option, but not a requirement.

Also... If you make languages for /classes/ please consider how illogical
this is. I am a programmer (ie: wizard) and I have a friend who is a martial
artist (ie: warrior.) Even though we are of two different professions, we
speak the same language because we were raised in the same culture.

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