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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/02/00

> >    Just wondering who thinks having  different classes talk different
> > languages.. so that other races see like "godush" or sumthing... and you
> > can learn the language as a skill...? not really sure if people
> > would like
> > this sort of thing...

> Now one to the actual reply, I think multiple languages is a kick idea.
> I'm *attempting* to put this into my MUD, but I want to find a way to make
> it carry over into the notes.  The way I'm getting around the not being
> able to talk to certian people of other races (for newbies soley) is a one
> of two ways.
> 1) Make a "common" tongue that most races can speak (in my game Ghouls
> won't be speaking common in fact they won't be speaking much at all.)
> 2)Possibly making it where newbies can understand all languages. This one
> would be a pain in the pattoty to figure out so I don't think I would do it
> but it's an idea if your trying to find a way to help the newbies to your
> MUD.

        Code matters aside, since it's not too difficult, I think multiple
languages are usually a poor idea.  In real life, where we can pantomine
and hop around and generally get our point across there's no direct issue
for everyday person-to-person contact.  Of course, intelligent
conversation is right out.But when all you have to relate to a person is
just text - no matter how well used the 'emote' command is - any
communication block ends up making it too tedious to bother with.

        Ever try to chat/irc with someone who has a poor grasp of the
language you're using? No matter how intelligent they are, it ends up
feeling like you're talking to a mentally handicapped person who has been
drinking nyquil.

        Not only that, but if you allow everyone to know a common
language, you have to ask yourself what you're accomplishing by adding
languages?  Like many things in muds, it sounds neat, but is either a pain
in the ass for no reason, or is never used.


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