Re: general poll question

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 02/01/00

>    Just wondering who thinks having  different classes talk different
> languages.. so that other races see like "godush" or sumthing... and you
> can learn the language as a skill...? not really sure if people
> would like
> this sort of thing...

First I want to apologize if this message does not come out in CircleMUD
mailing list format.  I just upgraded (sure) to Office 2K and I *think* I
put everything back the way it was suppose to be.  If not please send a
message directly to me (instead of the whole list) and let me know.

Now one to the actual reply, I think multiple languages is a kick idea.
I'm *attempting* to put this into my MUD, but I want to find a way to make
it carry over into the notes.  The way I'm getting around the not being
able to talk to certian people of other races (for newbies soley) is a one
of two ways.
1) Make a "common" tongue that most races can speak (in my game Ghouls
won't be speaking common in fact they won't be speaking much at all.)
2)Possibly making it where newbies can understand all languages. This one
would be a pain in the pattoty to figure out so I don't think I would do it
but it's an idea if your trying to find a way to help the newbies to your

I'm sorry if I went completely off there.  I'm sleep deprived (after
staying in the hospital for the past 2 nights and heading back there
tonite..) but wanted to put my 2 cents in (something I do rarely)


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