Re: Looking for some Scripts

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 02/02/00

> while on the subject, i have bpl 16 and oasis 2.0 and dg 1.7a
> and when ever
> my imp char goes into a room with a mob that has a script to
> attack the mob
> attacks me, and then right before its about to die the mud
> crashes. any ideas
> as to why? i debugged it and it went right to the dg script file, i cant
> remember which one, it was talking about if flagged affect or something.

This has nothing to do to scripts really but I want to point out that if an
Imm character starts a battle say using a spell instead of "kill" then when
the mob is about to die the MUD crashes.  I myself am attempting to figure
this one out but I just wanted it to be known that this doesn't *only*
happen with scripts.


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