Looking for some Scripts

From: Del (caminturn@earthlink.net)
Date: 02/01/00

I have been trying to make a few scripts with no luck.

Does anyone (or is anyone willing to) have some scripts basic ones that
to send to the list for others to use as examples?

Room command triggers?
Object command triggers?
Other triggers that correspond to different types of room/obj/mob
trigger types.

What is the "return value", and how do you "return" something other than
Command [c]
     Description: This trigger is checked whenever a character types an
invalid command,
     or a command which usually results in a 'Sorry, but you cannot do
that here!' message,
     in the same room as the mob with this rigger. If the command typed
is a substring of the
     argument, the trigger is called.
     Argument: The command name.
     NArg: Not used.
     Return value: If 0 is returned by the trigger, the character will
receive the same
     message as if the trigger did not exist, and any other
     command triggers will be checked.
          actor is set to the character typing the command.
          arg is set to the argument of the command.

I tried:
1) Name         : teleport
2) Intended for : Rooms
3) Trigger types: Command
4) Numberic Arg : 4
5) Arguments    : enter
6) Commands:
if (%arg% == "hole")
   oteleport %actor% 7200

also just tried it without the if statement.
tried "%arg%"
tried various combinations of room triggers, object triggers
with no luck.

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