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Date: 02/02/00

At 07:40 PM 2/2/00 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 2/2/00 7:29:09 AM Pacific Standard Time,
><< There's quite a bit of information you can provide to help determine what
>  the cause
>  of this could be. For example, what triggers are attached to the mob?
>  (Specifically,
>  are there any hitpoint percentage, or death triggers?) Have you analyzed
>  your core
>  dump? What does "if flagged affect or something" mean?
>   >>
>I remember now it was a hitpoint percentage trigger that set the core dump

Well, that's a little more information, but without a crystal ball, it makes it
difficult to determine what's happening. Do you know how to analyze a core
dump to gather more information? If not, please check out the FAQ for this
mailing list for information on using gdb to do so. The information a simple
backtrace on a core dump can provide will save everyone time and

In your hit point percentage trigger, are you using a wait statement? If
so, and if your mobile is dying before the completion of that wait, and
assuming the event system DG is using is the basic event system I
included in the original package, your "wait"ing trigger could be returning
to a dead mob; definitely a problem. I believe I posted rudimentart details
on a fix for this; check the list archives (both here and for the dg scripts
list - I forget which list it was posted to). Patch leve 8, in beta by the end
of this week, will also have a fix for that problem.

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