Re: Looking for some Scripts

From: Del (
Date: 02/02/00

The samples are:
say, oecho, otransform, mtransform, and wecho (for listing mobs)

I am not saying these are not useful, just would like to see other
triggers using some of the other commands to get a better idea
how to use the triggers.
Someone, way back when, was going to put up a site with examples.
In which they never did.

I think you were going to do the same??

"Mark A. Heilpern" wrote:
> There are a >few< basic ones in your DG patch; look at 0.trg.

The return value in the documents seem to be for coder information, not
builder information. Any way you can make a note of that?
As a builder, it sounds like I need to "return 1" in order to
make the trigger work, which is false.

Also, for testing your patches, I can test functionality overall if you
as I have taken 16, and patched to 17.. let alone get the zedit part
back in.

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