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From: Axiem (
Date: 02/03/00

> << Not meaning to sound harsh here, but a lot of these questions can be
>  answered easily. Reading the FAQ and WTFAQ will answer a few of them.
>  The rest are answered by common sense, look at the code and find
>  something that works similar to what you want. Copy that and modify
>  to your needs.
>  Adam G Dobrinin wrote: >>
> You know what...I don't mean to sound mean here..but this seems to be your
> only answer to every single question...look in the FAQ and WTFAQ...Some of us
> newbies have looked there, and either we couldnt find our answer, or it was
> too confusing for us to understand... Just please have a little more patience
> with us, and understand that we are trying to learn how to program ourselves,
> not just copy and paste. Remember when you were new? All the people I'm sure
> that helped you out? Just please keep them in mind when you try to help us.
> Its very frustrating when we can't figure something out..but then when we ask
> for help, its even more disheartening when basically we're told that we're
> stupid and should already know this or that. Anyways thats my 2 cents.

Whoa. Hold up. Yes, I do remember a time when I was new to C
programming, and in a way, I still am. And yet, even in that, I find
that I did not ask anywhere near as many questions as you did, and all
the questions I asked were not along the lines of "code this for me
please", but were "what if..?" questions. And you should read the FAQ or
WTFAQ, they are there for a reason. If the answer is not in there,
understandable, but if the answer is in there, but is too
confusing--unconfuse yourowndamnself! It can't possibly be that hard to
teach oneself how to program (I know I did it with the help of 3-4 C
books, and I am still learning)...and actually, a lot of learning to
program is copy-paste, and understanding why it works. As for the
questions not on the FAQs, you could always try to experiment..grep is a
really handy utility (would that Windows had it!) learn programming
by experimenting, not by asking others to do it for you. True, you might
be unsuccessful. But then, what you do is post code, and ask if anyone
can see what the problem might be. People are a lot more helpful if you
show hard work, dedication, and that you've tried it yourself, but was
And if you're trying to code a MUD without a working knowledge of C, God
save the queen! (Though I doubt anybody could be that stupid...but never
doubt stupid people, they might surprise you). But the thing is, I find
it extremely amusing to see a bunch of people virtually asking for
others to code their muds, and then get indignant when they have to do
some thought themselves, or a little research.
Experiment a bit first. Try out stuff, add code, delete code, fix broken
code a bit. Then when you come to a roadblock, ask the list, and make
sure you add code in! It makes it a #lot# easier to help fix.

That's all for this little rant if I had time aside from
school and personal life, I might actually be following my own advice
and working on my mud ;)

Oh well.

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