Money bug

From: The Merciless Lord of Everything (
Date: 02/04/00

Hi all

Question: I've just been informed of something rather annoying:

player logs in, levels to lvl 2, whereafter one of the Imms goes
"WHOW!! he has >100 Mill coins" ... So he was set to gold 0, but
unfortunately noone looked after what he was doing, so after some time,
(approx 20 mins) he had scooped up 1 Mill. That is, without selling stuff.

Now, Sells/Buys are logged, and nothing out of the ordinary is shown, (So
Far I've seen some breads being bought, but nothing sold). Player of
course didn't want to tell how he got all that money (stupid guy).

The mud is built on a BPL11, with appropriate bugfixes (Dupe is fixed and
so on.. :). Anyone knows of a bug of this magnitude. I mean, guy got >100
Mill in less than one hour.


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