[NEWBIES][OLDIES] I can't believe I vonlunteering

From: Susan Douglas (sareena@nbnet.nb.ca)
Date: 02/04/00

Ooops!  I sent the first one from the wrong address!


After hearing much about reading the FAQ and the WTFAQ, I've decided to
write the "Take you by the hand guide to Circle MUD".

MY BACKGROUND: I am not a hard core mudder, I just happen to posess a
wonderful thing -- my own server.  I knew very little about mudding in
general before becoming an implementor.  I have been coding for almost 20

Looking at the code for circlemud is a little daunting.  Figuring out what
each piece of code does takes a bit of effort.  The task becomes greater
when you are new to programming as well.  It is easier to just ask for help.

I did not know about the FAQ and the WTFAQ until after I joined the list.  I
didn't find http://developers.circlemud.org until then either. There were no
links to it from http://www.ciurclemud.org  that I could find easily.

I would like to develop a seiries of web pages that take you step by step
through the starting a Mud process. From finding a server to understanding
patches.  Most of it I will link to the wonderful articles that have been
written -- will just put it in a step - by - step manual.

To this end I invite you to meet with me on IRC next Tuesday 8:00pm AST
(That's 7:00 pm EST) to help me and suggest things that I could do.  I will
provide more details about where next week.  (I'm going to see if I can put
up an IRC Server thingy on my poor little server.

Susan Douglas
Programmer, Crescent Studio

"The most important design issue...
       is that Linux is supposed to be fun..."
       ( Linus Torvalds  - Linux Journal, March 1995 )

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