Re: [NEWBIES][OLDIES] I can't believe I vonlunteering

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 02/04/00

Susan Douglas wrote:

> After hearing much about reading the FAQ and the WTFAQ, I've decided to
> write the "Take you by the hand guide to Circle MUD".

Sounds a good idea...

> I would like to develop a seiries of web pages that take you step by step
> through the starting a Mud process. From finding a server to understanding
> patches.  Most of it I will link to the wonderful articles that have been
> written -- will just put it in a step - by - step manual.

I know this sounds a bit cruel, but I'd rather it was some list of
references sent to anyone joining the list.  My reasons for this are
simple, if any tom dick or harry can pickup and use a circlemud code
base the list will get inundated with I want to do this but it's not in
the step by step guide.  I vaguely remember hearing that some code bases
used to have bugs in on purpose that had to be fixed, and could be
easily if you actually examined the code, but most ppl didn't, so could
never run that code base.

But then I think I'm just feeling ultra cynical, it's been one of those
long weeks, and there seem to be more than the usual level of newbie
questions, I'm not sure why but it seems that lots of people start to
use circlemud having nearly no unix or c experience.

Chris (feeling rather cynical)

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