[OFFTOPIC] Job opportunities

From: Ryan Le Gros (malevolent@mindinfo.com)
Date: 02/06/00

Greetings all,

I know this is semi-innappropriate for this list but ive been subscribed to
it for years across several addresses and handles and it is somewhat RPG
related... I am in the works of putting a new gaming company together. We
have a potential investor willing to pump 6 million dollars of pure venture
capital into the company upon receipt of the business plan. We got extremely
lucky in that he doesnt even care about seeing a return investment. He
simply wants to be behind this company. We have already submitted ideas to
him after the signing of an NDA was completed. This game is a new offshoot
of the Massivley Multiplayer Online RPG (MMOLRPG) theme utilizing the Unreal
Engine which we are preparing to license from Epic at the moment. We are
currently seeking out talented c AND c++ coders (you must know both) tp fill
in the ranks. Relocation is a must but we are offering competitive salary
(65k a year) and good perks to make up for the risk taken with being
employed under any startup company. If you are interested in hearing more,
please contact me at malevolent@mindinfo.com or at home at 559-798-1769.

I am looking for anyone over the age of 18 who is a hard worker and would
enjoy working in a fun environment. the office will have an employee lounge
with an HDTV and DVD player in it as well as linked TV's set up around the
work area. Blaring music will not be uncommon. No country lovers PLEASE :P

The game will be a Futuristic Fantasy with a massive and immersive gaming
environment, after customers purchase the initial software, game time will
be free unlike EverQuest, Ultima Online and Asherons Call wher eyou must
continue paying to play. We have already have an ISP willing to host a
prototype beta to assist us in getting a publisher as well as beta testing.

If you find yourself completely uninterested but know someone who may be,
please forward this email to them. the bonuses include a company pc as well
as an office pc, a great working environment, possible stock in the company
as well as the ability to set your own hours. Relocation packages are

Again, if interested, please contact me post haste.
Ryan Le Gros

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