From: Mac Manson (
Date: 02/06/00

I have recently added the ASCII pfiles snippet to my mud, and would like to
use the autowiz feature also, I happen to be using windows so I have
downloaded the autowiz snippet also. The problem I am having is that I
don't think the autowiz code is reading pfiles correctly. Anyone else who
added ASCII files have any help, thoughts, ect. they can contrib, it will
be appreciated. Please do not send flames to the list, but send them
straight to me instead. He is the autowiz code also.

void read_file(void)
  void add_name(byte level, char *name);

  struct char_file_u player;
  FILE *fl;

  if (!(fl = fopen(PLAYER_FILE, "rb"))) {
    perror("Error opening playerfile");
  while (!feof(fl)) {
    fread(&player, sizeof(struct char_file_u), 1, fl);
    if (!feof(fl) && player.level >= MIN_LEVEL &&
 !(IS_SET(player.char_specials_saved.act, PLR_FROZEN)) &&
 !(IS_SET(player.char_specials_saved.act, PLR_NOWIZLIST)) &&
 !(IS_SET(player.char_specials_saved.act, PLR_DELETED)))


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