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Date: 02/06/00

From: Mac Manson <stabaho@USWEST.NET>
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2000 7:32 AM

> I have recently added the ASCII pfiles snippet to my mud, and would like to
> use the autowiz feature also, I happen to be using windows so I have
> downloaded the autowiz snippet also. The problem I am having is that I
> don't think the autowiz code is reading pfiles correctly. Anyone else who
> added ASCII files have any help, thoughts, ect. they can contrib, it will
> be appreciated. Please do not send flames to the list, but send them
> straight to me instead. He is the autowiz code also.

If you're using the 2.0b version, you don't need to read the pfiles.  Player
levels are part of the player_index list.  The new function would probably
look something like this (with a few errors since I'm coding from old memory):

void read_file(void)
  int i;
  void add_name(byte level, char *name);

  for (i = 0; i < top_of_player_table; i++)
    if (player_index[i].level >= MIN_LEVEL)

This ignores the NOWIZLIST, FROZEN, and DELETED flags, but if you want those
you can add them to the player_index structure.  If I remember correctly I put
a flag structure there already, but maybe not.


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