Re: MISC Special program

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 02/08/00

Mac Manson wrote:

> personally I just use a autoexec.bat like this
> bin/circle.exe
> echo Restarting
> autoexec.bat

autoexec.bat is a system file that is used for running programs
automatically BEFORE Windows starts up, and last I heard, CircleMUD
requires Windows to run, also, I can't possibly imagine how your
computer would even be connected to the internet when that file is run.

a much better solution is to make a separate autorun.bat file for
CircleMUD that is something more like the following...

echo Restarting
goto loop

This also eliminates the recursive way in which the .bat file is calling
itself endlessly (a bad thing to be sure).

Even the above example is quite a simplified autorun.bat, and I would
highly recommend using one that checks for the prescence of the reboot,
pause, kill, etc. files, checking for the files is easy with `if
exists'.  Going a step further you can set it up to log the output from
the MUD (while there is no easy way to redirect stderr from DOS, you can
specify a log file on the command line to bin/circle.exe), and you can
even parse out ceartain lines to create error logs, god command logs,
etc. simply by using the DOS `find' command.  While the DOS .bat
language (if it can be called a language) is extremely limited, with a
ceartain amount of creativity you can do quite a lot with it (I remember
years ago when PC Magazine would be chock full of tips and tricks to get
.bat files to do things that you would not expect them to be able to

At any rate, I'm starting to ramble. ;)

Regards, Peter

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