Re: MISC Special program

From: Ryan Underwood (
Date: 02/08/00

> autoexec.bat is a system file that is used for running programs
> automatically BEFORE Windows starts up, and last I heard, CircleMUD
> requires Windows to run, also, I can't possibly imagine how your
> computer would even be connected to the internet when that file is run.

Err, in this context I believe he was just using "autoexec" as in
"automatically executing" the MUD.
Independent of his system autoexec.bat.
Besides, if this were the system autoexec.bat, that would mean that his /bin
directory was off the root of the drive.
Not a likely case.

> This also eliminates the recursive way in which the .bat file is calling
> itself endlessly (a bad thing to be sure).

DOS batch files do not "call" other batch files, they simply pass control.
To actually make a call a batch file (with post-return) the command would be
'call foo.bat'.

> pause, kill, etc. files, checking for the files is easy with `if
> exists'.

'if exist' (variable) (do this) actually.

> While the DOS .bat
> language (if it can be called a language) is extremely limited, with a
> ceartain amount of creativity you can do quite a lot with it.

Very true.
For some interesting reading check out these URLs:

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