Recursive Aliases, was [CIRCLE] [NEWBIE] Global alias

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/09/00

> I also changed it so that an alias can call another alias (but the same
> alias still cannot be called recuresively).  this allows players to
> create multiple-command aliases without the limitation of the
> command-line length.

        Actually, I _had_ aliases which had the ability to call other
aliases.  I put in a check which would limit the end length of commands,
so even recursive aliases would eventually peter out.  However, this gave
rise to a slew of problems, and I eventually disabled some of the

        I did want to put it back in though, and was wondering if anyone
had done it in this fashion;

        Instead of allowing an arbitrary # of commands to be executed at
once, to allow _x_ # of commands a second (say 5 a second, dequeued every
.2 seconds obviously).  In this way, you could have a character's command
saved, and each time it generates another command, it simply
delays for .2 seconds.  Of course, if the user provides any input, it
would overwrite the last 'command', and break out of recursive loops.
That way you could have recursive aliases, and basically, allow it.

        Any thoughts?


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