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From: Erik Lundin (
Date: 02/09/00

Well.. You could make a program that kills(restarts) the process when it
receives a special message from your game loop.. Wouldn't be to hard to


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> Jerry Billings wrote:
> > yeah yeah i know this :) thats what i do..but i still want some way so
> > will automatically reboot, and not stay there...lets say i add a new
> > i think its working, i start the new file, but when i'm at school some
> > uses it a wierd way the mud crashes and sits there for the rest of the
> > till i get out of school and can fix it...i need something to reboot the
> > for me..
> Try posting to an MSVC newsgroup, they may be able to tell you about
> some compiler or run time option which will cause the program to exit
> without showing the dialogue box.  At any rate, they will probably be
> able to help with this particular inquiry better than any of us can, as
> this is really a compiler specific issue.
> Regards, Peter
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