Re: [NEWBIE] Global alias

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 02/09/00

Kanocz Alexander wrote:
> Yes, I'm takling about the second thing. About some default aliases when you
> first log in.
What you have to do is look in game_loop to see how aliases are called,
I think the command is passed to the alias interpreter and checked to
see if it really is an alias before the command_interpreter is called
(but I'm not sure and I can't check my MUD because I completely rewrote
the alias system so it works differently now).  Then from
enter_player_game (or something like that, I'm not checking it right
now) simply call the same function that parses the aliases with the
command line "autorun".  That should do it, although, like I said, I'm
not sure because the system in my own MUD is different.

Regards, Peter

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