Re: [NEWBIE] Global alias

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 02/09/00

Mike Stilson wrote:
> An idea might be an "autorun" alias.  let the player define some things to
> do when they log on.. (set poofin/poofout for example.. or whatever).
> If it's defined, it does the stuff.. if not, oh well, don't do anything,
> but don't just say "huh?"

I have actually implemented something exactly like this on my MUD.  To
keep the MUD from saying "Huh?!?" I simply created an "autorun" command
which basically does nothing.

I also changed it so that an alias can call another alias (but the same
alias still cannot be called recuresively).  this allows players to
create multiple-command aliases without the limitation of the
command-line length.

A nice side effect of the "autorun" alias is that immortals can set
things such as poofin and poofout with it since those don't save.

Regards, Peter

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