Re: MISC Special program

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 02/09/00

Jerry Billings wrote:
> yeah yeah i know this :) thats what i do..but i still want some way so it
> will automatically reboot, and not stay there...lets say i add a new command,
> i think its working, i start the new file, but when i'm at school some user
> uses it a wierd way the mud crashes and sits there for the rest of the day
> till i get out of school and can fix it...i need something to reboot the mud
> for me..

Try posting to an MSVC newsgroup, they may be able to tell you about
some compiler or run time option which will cause the program to exit
without showing the dialogue box.  At any rate, they will probably be
able to help with this particular inquiry better than any of us can, as
this is really a compiler specific issue.

Regards, Peter

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