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Date: 02/12/00

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<< I guess this would mean you can not have individual items.
 i.e. if You anchant one item, it enchants all items?
 If you have any method of changing an item, it changes all items?
 spells, inset, customizations, things of that nature?

No.  There are two structures, one global wide "prototype", and then there
are individual instances of that structure.  Say you load a sword onto the
mob... That sword's attributes default tot he global wide prototype's
attirbutes whe nit is created.  Now lets say someoen enchants it.. It
modifies that one instance, you never modify the prototype unless you want
every thing created from that prototype form then on to refelect that
change..  It's kinda an object-oriented way of approaching it.. albeit
bastardized... Atleast that's what I got from what he was saying just by
skimming the message. what i just said is how ROM handles it *s hrugs*


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