[THEORY] Structure...

From: Axiem (axiem@swbell.net)
Date: 02/12/00

I am currently really confused about how Circle MUD keeps track of items
and such, and then finds them with the [v]stat commands...and I think I
have a better idea for implementation of structures, and which allows a
much easier to deal with OLC, IMO. Object can also mean mobile in the

Instead of a 'generic' object structure, there'd be two structures for
objects. One would be used as information is being loaded from the
actual files. It would be indexed by vnum (of course), and contain all
essential information of the object (name, description, item values,
etc.). This structure would have absolutely no representation in the
But when an object exists in a MUD, we use a different structure. We
keep track of this one by a different number (rnum?). Inside this
structure would be the vnum of the model object, and then temporary
flags. If whenever we want to reference the stats of that real object,
then we merely look at the vnum, and read the stats of the object with
that vnum. With OLC, then, if we wanted to change every single occurance
of a weapon, we wouldn't..we'd just change the stats of the original
vnum. The rnum object could have flags for enchanted, keep track of
where it is, etc. The vnum object would just stay in memory.

Similar goes for mobs. As with rooms. Have a 'base' structure per vnum,
and then every occurance of that have a structure that points to the
'base' structure for universal constants.

Sounds good..I'm thinking about doing it..any
suggestions/comments/thoughts on the matter?


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