Re: [THEORY] Structure...

From: Chris Proctor (
Date: 02/12/00

> Sounds good..I'm thinking about doing it..any
> suggestions/comments/thoughts on the matter?

Looks an awful like the way things currently work.
You have the object prototype, from which all objects with that vnum are
initially loaded. All strings etc initially point back to the prototype,
which conserves memory. All ints etc are saved in the object itself.
If you change any strings you then stop pointing them to the prototype.

The same thing is used for rooms and mobs.

The main difference seems to be that you don't have a master object index,
wherein each individual object has its own number, but personally the
thought of implementing that is quite daunting.

It looks like your idea is different in some respects, but the paradigm
seems to be pretty similar. Reinventing the wheel?


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