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Date: 02/12/00

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> << I guess this would mean you can not have individual items.
>  i.e. if You anchant one item, it enchants all items?
>  If you have any method of changing an item, it changes all items?
>  spells, inset, customizations, things of that nature?
>   >>
> No.  There are two structures, one global wide "prototype", and then there
> are individual instances of that structure.  Say you load a sword onto the
> mob... That sword's attributes default tot he global wide prototype's
> attirbutes whe nit is created.  Now lets say someoen enchants it.. It
> modifies that one instance, you never modify the prototype unless you want
> every thing created from that prototype form then on to refelect that
> change..  It's kinda an object-oriented way of approaching it.. albeit
> bastardized... Atleast that's what I got from what he was saying just by
> skimming the message. what i just said is how ROM handles it *s hrugs*

What he said. You'd change the "prototype" in order to change all
instances. An 'enchant' flag would be object-specific, as would who's
wearing it and such. I've never seen a ROM MUD, so I don't know how it
handles it, but I'll take your word on it. I guess it could be
object-oriented-like..,I've never messed with it, so I can't say. But my
system would be able to do OLC very well.
There's not a lot of stuff I can think of that would be unique to any
one object. Maybe personalization, but that's what a "personalized" flag
is for. and then somewhere in the structure you can have a "what to
override" flag.

Hmmm...any other comments/criticisms/suggestions?


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