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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/14/00

> >
> ><< I guess this would mean you can not have individual items.
> > i.e. if You anchant one item, it enchants all items?
> > If you have any method of changing an item, it changes all items?
> > spells, inset, customizations, things of that nature?
> >  >>

        You may want to check out xapobjs and iedit, what ever latest
version is on the ftp site. If I had to guess, one would be in normal
contrib/code, and the other probably in contrib/olc?

from the readmes
  What this patch does:
    Turns your rent files into ascii rent files.  Sometimes it saves
    space. Sometimes not.  As a cavet, makes your mail (and other notes)
    saveable. Also allows for unique objects at the snap of your fingers.

What is iedit?

        Iedit is an OasisOLC patch, directed at editing individual
instantiations of objects.  Basically it's just like oedit, but doesn't
save it to disk, just alters the one object you chose.

        Perhaps they can do what you're looking for.

(though, keep in mind this code is probaly not for the faint of heart)

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