Bug in bpl17?

From: Andrey Fidrya (andrey@alex-ua.com)
Date: 02/13/00

>>New echo_on() function's behavior is very strange in WIN95.
>>Basically, user screen "freezes" after sending echo_on() until server
>>sends "\r\n". Text between echo_on sequence and "\r\n" is lost! :(
>>I tried to track this down:
>The echo_on() we use is now the same one that every other MUD I've checked
>uses. (ROM, Merc, a few others)

I'm not sure if ROM, Merc & others work fine under WIN95.

>>If MUD server sends 3-symbol echo_on sequence "asc255,asc252,asc1"
>>(this string _is surely passed_ to send() function), MUD client gets
>>_nothing_ at all!
>>I think it's winsock bug. :(
>What MUD client?

JMC (Jaba MUD Client), ZMUD 5.44, ZMUD 3.x, Win TELNET,
my own client (I have written simple MUD client from scratch).
The string is sent but it doesn't arrive at client side. If I append
asc10 & asc13 - everything works fine...
Its very strange.

Can anyone test Circle bpl17 in Win98? (not 95!)


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