Re: Bug in bpl17?

From: Del (
Date: 02/13/00

I am running 98 and zmud latest.. However, I don't or have not seen any
of these
problems that your refering to. I also do not know how to test for them
Everything appears to be running fine. (Also used CRT, a telnet client
with no

Andrey Fidrya wrote:
> >>New echo_on() function's behavior is very strange in WIN95.
> >>Basically, user screen "freezes" after sending echo_on() until server
> >>sends "\r\n". Text between echo_on sequence and "\r\n" is lost! :(
> >>I tried to track this down:
> >The echo_on() we use is now the same one that every other MUD I've checked
> >uses. (ROM, Merc, a few others)
> I'm not sure if ROM, Merc & others work fine under WIN95.
> >>If MUD server sends 3-symbol echo_on sequence "asc255,asc252,asc1"
> >>(this string _is surely passed_ to send() function), MUD client gets
> >>_nothing_ at all!
> >>I think it's winsock bug. :(
> >What MUD client?
> JMC (Jaba MUD Client), ZMUD 5.44, ZMUD 3.x, Win TELNET,
> my own client (I have written simple MUD client from scratch).
> The string is sent but it doesn't arrive at client side. If I append
> asc10 & asc13 - everything works fine...
> Its very strange.
> Can anyone test Circle bpl17 in Win98? (not 95!)
> Andrey
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