Re: who and where while in Oasis's OLC

From: Jon A. Nielsen (
Date: 02/13/00

> Does anyone know why when your in zedit, redit, medit or sedit that you
> don't show up on where or who?  I would prefer that I could see them,
> maybe set a lvl their visible to when doing this.

It's because when you're building, you're not in CON_PLAYING (you're in one
of the CON_xEDIT states if you're using Oasis).  The solution that I came up
with was to create an IS_BUILDING macro and replace "if (d->connected)" in
do_who with "if (d->connected && !IS_BUILDING(d))"  Here's my IS_BUILDING

#define IS_BUILDING(d)  ((d)->connected == CON_REDIT || \
                         (d)->connected == CON_MEDIT || \
                         (d)->connected == CON_OEDIT || \
                         (d)->connected == CON_SEDIT || \
                         (d)->connected == CON_ZEDIT)

Jon A. Nielsen
Lazarus of Spear of Insanity MUD

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