Re: who and where while in Oasis's OLC

From: Da' Kool Cat (
Date: 02/13/00

>Dave Ely wrote:
>> Does anyone know why when your in zedit, redit, medit or sedit that you
don't show up on where or who?  I would prefer that I could see them, maybe
set a lvl their visible to when doing this.

  You could make use of the macro patched in with Oasis, IS_PLAYING, which
also includes checks for the oasis olc states.
so in do_who it'd be:

  for (d = descriptor_list; d; d = d->next) {
    if (!IS_PLAYING(d))

  In my own code I added an (OLC) who flag as well, and then as suggested
in a previous mail, make a macro for just the Oasis states and check
against that.

-Da' Kool Cat

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