Re: [NEWBIE] Modding pfile?

From: Axiem (
Date: 02/13/00

>   At risk for getting flamed with a newbie question:
>   I've noted that the Circle stock code has very strong warnings to not modify
> the existing variables in the character files. Why is this? I'd like to totally
> throw out the D&D based system in favor of a different customized one, but I
> don't want to inadvertently totally break something.

Actually, at one point I started to do this. The answer is easy, if you
try. It's not that you'll break stuff, it's that you're literally going
to have to go over most of the code and change stuff..okay, at least
you're going to spend a lot of time changing the code so that it points
to the right place with everything. It's more time-consuming. Of course,
I wasn't able to finish doing this, so I don't know how else it might
affect the game. Any try this actually and have more experience to


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