Re: who and where while in Oasis's OLC

From: Jon A. Nielsen (
Date: 02/13/00

> I did a check through the code, and there is no code that would be
> compromised by changing CON_DISCONNECT to 18 and adding a CON before it.
> If All OLC states are after CON_DISCONNECT, there is no problem adding
> one
> again, less code and no need for macro's.

However, that's messy.  Besides, you're putting out code that's not
supported by all MUDs anyway.  I know the MUD I work for doesn't even have a
CON_DISCONNECT.  And you could be telling someone who has something
different as well, and just making it more confusing.

And, anyway, it doesn't matter.  It's a moot point, really.

Jon A. Nielsen
Lazarus of Spear of Insanity MUD

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