ascii pfiles

From: Dave Ely (
Date: 02/13/00

running: Circle30bpl17  Oasis2.0 DgScript bpl7a

I have just put in the ascii2 pfiles and it's working fine except for one thing.  It saves all player prf's but AutoSacrifice.  I have compared autosac with the other prf's to make sure it's in ALL the right spots and it is, but it doesn't save for some reason.   Anyone familiar with this, have any idea?

and my 2nd question:
very rarely when fighting I get a msg from the SUFFERING about the mobs heart not working and dies.  What calls the suffering ?

Thank you for your help,

btw, if Anyone wants to field my ever present newbie questions, I have a ton more that I need help with, ie.. Adding more attributes, ASCII wilderness, and the list goes on.  I do check the FAQ, WTFAQ and search the list before asking for help :)

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