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Date: 02/13/00

Hello, I have played a MUD where you basically breathed.  If you moved too fast you ran out of breath.  I'm trying to Imp that and getting stuck.  Here's what I have already.

Theory of how it should work, I think.  Basically every char will have a value for breath at 100, every second or so, it will add a # to breath if it's less than 100.  When a move is performed, it will subtract a # from breath.  so.. following this logic of lack of.  I move, I lose 5 from breath, pulse, I get 5 back, my breath is 100.  I move move move move move, I lose 25 from breath, pulse, I get 5 back, my breath is 80.

If anyone can Help I'd apprecitate it.  Also, I want to add in a Stamina Attribute that will affect breath, but need help with putting in new attributes so their in all the proper places.

(the followingn should just keep adding 5 to breath every second, and I have it added to prompt to show, but I cant get past login name, never asks for pword)

in act.movement.c

void perform_breath(void)
  struct char_data *ch;

  for (ch = character_list; ch; ch->next)
    GET_BREATH(ch) += 5;


in comm.c
if (!(pulse % PULSE_BREATH))

in structs.h
#define PULSE_BREATH    (1 RL_SEC)

(in player section)
int breath;

#define GET_BREATH(ch)  ((ch)->breath)

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